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Born in 1989 in south France, I love Rock'n Roll, norse mythology, lemons, raspberry Pim's and origami.
Currently working in Paris, following a five-year course in Computer Graphics at ESTEI Bordeaux (France).

Fully tech-savvy, autonomous and motivated, constantly looking for new challenges to overcome. I mostly use my spare time learning new software, new languages or attending pub quizzes.

I work with 3dsMax, Maya and Softimage for rigging (preferring the latest, though).
As for programming, I mostly use Python with PyQt and MAXScript along with .Net Framework, plus some C#, although I've worked with - and still sometimes use - LUA, Javascript, PHP, and the basics of C++.

Ultimately, despite my specialties, I try my best not to rely on what I've learned, but rather on what I could learn.
I practice many differents skills among Computer Graphics & new technologies, and I am therefore open to any ideas or concepts to work on.

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